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Information Call Center
is your free php based solution to providing a web based call center system. With this system you can log calls, assign priority to different calls, archive calls, search calls, and many other features.

Call Center Desk Fact: Companies that use Call Center Software notice that 80% of support problems can be solved in half the time because information is more centralized and more easily assessable.

Call Center Tip: A standard Call Center response time should be no more than 10 minutes. If support duration is greater than 10 minutes your users could become frustrated or phone lines could become overloaded with queued calls waiting to be answered.

Call Center Screen Shot of Call Center Software

Call Center Screen Shot 2 of Call Center Software

The benefits of using Call Center software to track and log support issues are:

  • Reduced Phone Use for Calls: This will allow higher priority calls to get through.
  • Centralized repository for Support Calls: All Call Center Staff have access to the same support problems and solutions. Repeat questions are answered faster and more efficiently. Anyone can quickly view past computer support calls and help desk response times.
  • Standardize databases: Call Center Software comes with a variety of database management support, such as Microsoft Access, SQL, Oracle and MYSQL.

Which Call Center Software is right for you?

The InfoCallCenter Company recommends you try our 100% free call center software

InfoCallCenter’s Software has the following features:

  • Its 100% Free, no timeout periods and no gimmicks.
  • Free support via e-Mail.
  • We regularly release updates and enhancements.
  • Programming staff listens to all customer suggestions.
  • We are dedicated to making our software the top help desk software solution around
  • GPL license.

Thank you for your interest in our software and resources,

The InfoCallCenter Staff.

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